Discover,5*,Share,TOP 1000 mLearning edapps and add your favorite If you like TOP 20+ windows phone, ipad, android apps discovered here Thank and share with your PLN. According to Horizon Europe School Edition Report 2014 experts,mLearning is now the Thrends in XXI Century Education

Welcome in MLearning world !

Discover here in may more than 1000 MLearning apps ( you can Thanks or share if you like a single app, or Thanks, Share,Follow this entire page, you can click + at the bottom of every block and propose a app because with your help we can have here a Global database with more than 2000 edapps :) ) Here you can find 2 categories with my favorite 100+ ipad and android apps and 100+ windows phone apps . Although my favorite mLearning device is Windows Phone, unfortunatelly we don’t have yet so many edapps for this device and for this reason because I use Ipad I choose to share also many categories with Top 20 apps avaible for this device . For more follow . This page is made in #tabletscourse MOOC organized by European Schoolnet .

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